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  • Capturing network packets on Windows machines when using Wireshark is not an option

    Manoj Chaurasia

    How to capture network packets on a Windows machine if Wireshark is not available and installing it is not an option?

    Wireshark is a convenient tool for capturing network packets on Windows machines but it is generally not installed on Production machines. This article lists a couple of alternatives.

    Packet Monitor (pktmon)

    Documentation -

    To start packet capture -

    pktmon start -c -f E:\temp\PktMon.etl


    To stop packet capture -

    pktmon stop


    To convert the output file to pcapng format so that it can be opened in Wireshark -

    pktmon etl2pcap E:\temp\PktMon.etl



    Documentation -

    To start packet capture,

    netsh trace start capture=yes tracefile=E:\temp\PktMon.etl


    To stop packet capture -

    netsh trace stop


    To convert the output file to pcapng format so that it can be opened in Wireshark, use etl2pcapng.exe from

    etl2pcapng.exe Netsh.etl Netsh.pcapng


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