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  • TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V3.10.3.0 June 2024 Release

    Chinmay Gadre

    What’s New 

    Develop / TIBCO Flogo

    Specifying a Session Token for Security Credentials

    While connecting to the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, you can now specify a property called session_token in the config.json file for temporary security credentials. These temporary security credentials expire after a specified interval.

    Overriding an App Property at Runtime

    While using config management services, such as Consul or AWS Params store, you can update or override an app property at runtime without restarting or redeploying the app. Currently, this functionality is only available for app properties mapped in activities. It is not available for app properties in triggers and connections.

    You can also specify the new values of app properties directly through the body of the reconfigure API. This method takes priority over any other resolver specified.


    Support for Keywords in App Schema

    Support is added for the following keywords in the app schema:

    • allOf: ensures that the given data is valid against all of the given schemas. 

    • oneOf: ensures that the given data is valid against one of the specified schemas.


    New activities added in General Category



    New File Category Trigger and Activities

    This release introduces a new category of triggers and activities connected to file actions.

    New trigger in File Category

    • File Poller

    New activities in File Category

    • Read File

    • Write File

    • Remove File

    • Rename File

    • Copy File

    • Archive Files

    • Unarchive Files

    • List Files


    New Compressions Functions in Mapper 

    The following new compression functions are added in Mapper:

    • compression.gzipCompress

    • compression.gzipUncompress


    New modes in Unit Testing

    You can perform new actions such as execute (default), assert on error, and mock error on an activity along with the existing mock and assert options.


    Schema Introspection in GraphQL Trigger

    You can now get schema field details for GraphQL. 


    Output Settings, Fields, and Error in GraphQL Trigger

    You can use Headers to define the JSON schema of the key value pair. Fields contain the values passed for the given Query or Mutation. Error is used to map the trigger reply setting. 

    App Property Reconfigure Logs Displayed in Audit History

    When you trigger the reconfigure API from the TIBCO Cloud Integration API, the app property reconfigure logs are visible in the audit history tab.



    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Microsoft SQL Server

    Added Support for Google Cloud SQL 

    The Google Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server provides .cer file for SSL connections.

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Plug-ins

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for Amazon S3

    Support for Creating a PARQUET file

    You can now write and create a PARQUET file using the PUT activity.


    Support for Multiple AWS Region via Hot Update

    You can now set multiple AWS Region in the Amazon Connection with Hot Update feature.


    Enhanced Retrieval of AWS Objects

    Using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for Amazon S3, you can now fetch more

    than 1000 Objects.


    Support for ObjectPattern in the GetObject Activity

    Using ObjectPattern, you can now perform search based on Wildcard of the specified prefix

    parameters for an object or a file.


    Changes in Functionality


    Develop/TIBCO Flogo®

    Switching Modes in Unit Testing

    In Unit Testing, changing the mode now clears the old data and maintains only the relevant data.




    Migration and Compatibility

    TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

    TIBCO Cloud Integration only supports the most recent version of the Hybrid Agent and one version back. The most recent version of the Hybrid Agent is version 1.10.1, and the prior Hybrid Agent was version 1.9.0.  If you have a Hybrid Agent installed that is older than version 1.9.0, you should install Hybrid Agent version 1.10.1 to ensure the best performance.


    Closed Issues 


    Develop/TIBCO Flogo®

    FLOGO-11126, FLOGO-12369

    Due to deprecation of the custom access key, the Modify DB service API is removed. Along with this, the Hybrid Agent access key field from the Enable DB service API is also removed. 



    An API spec with the  keyword 'allOf' does not work as expected.

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks™


    The BW_ENGINE_THREADCOUNT engine property is not taking effect when the value is updated. 


    Getting Incorrect syntax near 'EXEC' error while using Stored Procedure with Azure SQL Data Warehouse\Synapse Analytics



    Incorrect BWCE version is  displayed for BWCE 2.9.1 while connecting to TIBCO Cloud.

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