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  • TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

    Sucheta S

    How Do I transfer files from my local machine to the TIBCO Nimbus? cloud?

    To allow access to files on your computer when in the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud environment, your local drives are automatically mapped when you log in to the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud. This is useful in a number of situations, such as when adding documents from your computer to the Document Registry, saving reports to your computer, unloading packaged maps into the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud and attaching files to activities.

    After logging in to the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud you will see an application called My Local Files. If you click My Local Files you will be presented with an instance of Windows Explorer. In the left-hand side, under Computer, you will see all drives that are available to you. The drives on the TIBCO Nimbus? will be labelled as Local Disk (C:) and DATA (D:).Your local drives will be displayed under these drives and referred to, for example, as Local Disk (C: on PCNAME), where PCNAME is the name of your computer.

    Click on the User Area option to open up your TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud Storage Area, To transfer files between your computer and the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud, simply drag the file you have located within My Local Files and place it into the User Area. 

    TIBCO Nimbus? recommends that all files (documents) are registered in the Document Registry before attaching them to activities. However, there may be cases where this is not feasible. Any local files that you want to attach to activities in this way must first be transferred to a location in the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud using the method described above. If you attach a file on your local computer without first transferring it to the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud then other users will be not able to access the attachment. 

    I can?t launch URL or SAP links from within the Author Client?

    For security reasons we block all internet traffic from our servers. This means that you won?t be able to launch URLs or SAP transactions from within the Author Client. These links can still be launched in the web interface from a user?s computer though.

    When I try to package a map, I receive an error ? ?The folder x can?t be used. Please choose another folder?

    You will receive this error when you attempt to save a packaged map. This is due to the way Windows handles default save locations. TIBCO Nimbus? has security policies in place which restrict access to user libraries. Please save the packaged map to either your User Area or to your local computer. You can access your User Area by clicking on the  icon from your application list.

    When I click an attachment, I receive an error ? ?The file or path cannot be found?

    This usually means that the file is located on a user?s local computer and not in the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud. In this situation you should contact the author of the diagram and request that the file is copied to the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud and the file attachment redirected to the location in the TIBCO Nimbus? Cloud.

    I have to manually launch the cloud application from my downloads is there a way around this?

    Please note that using Google Chrome will require you to click and accept the .ica file that will download every time you click a link to your install. You can avoid this by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the .ica file and selecting "always open files of this type" this will then allow chrome to launch these without maunal intervention. 


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