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  • TIBCO Nimbus? At A Glance

    Sucheta S

    What is TIBCO Nimbus?

    TIBCO Nimbus? is a business application for process documentation. By presenting an easy-to-understand visualization of how people, processes, and systems should interact, it enables communication and simplification of processes to improve how businesses operate. TIBCO Nimbus is available as a hosted cloud service as well as an on-premises installation.

    Benefits of using TIBCO Nimbus?


    At the heart of operational excellence is collaboration. TIBCO Nimbus? provides effective collaboration that cuts through organizational silos and complex environments to deliver successful change programs and continuous improvement.


    Regardless of industry, the cost of compliance (audits, fines, etc.) is one of the fastest growing issues in business today. TIBCO Nimbus? provides a single, governed, auditable repository of process information that has helped thousands of companies increase their compliance with regulatory and standards bodies while simultaneously reducing the cost of maintaining and substantiating compliance.


    Institutional knowledge (IP) shouldn?t be leaving your organization with your employees. Process documentation safeguards and makes institutional knowledge accessible.


    TIBCO Nimbus? enables feedback and effective collaboration to support process improvement with rich what-if analytical features, providing a platform for continuous improvement across the enterprise.


    A how-to guide for your enterprise allows new employees to immediately find the proper way to perform job related activities and to immediately become productive team members.


    Return on investment should be the basis for all process improvement and automation projects. TIBCO Nimbus? activity-based costing provides provable ROI and business cases for process transformation and automation projects.


    Business requirements captured using a visual notation are more accurate and leave less room for misinterpretations. Business users can use TIBCO Nimbus? to document their needs and business process requirements.


    Business end users are not always sitting at a desk. In fact, most are in the field, on a factory floor, on the road, or somewhere away from their desk. That?s why TIBCO Nimbus? has been designed for use on mobile devices. People want to access process information at the point of need, not just at their desks.


    TIBCO Nimbus? encourages business processes to become core to how an organization operates. It provides the entire organization a single source of truth about how activities should be completed and engages it in processes and their improvement.

    Document the full End-To-End Process 

    In most industries, automated activities and processes account for a small percentage of an enterprise?s daily operations, with manual activities making up the majority. Most processes will include a mixture of manual and automated activities. TIBCO Nimbus documents your entire process from the business user?s perspective. It provides a single end-to-end view that highlights any gaps, redundancies, or inefficiencies, as well as the handoffs between manual and automated activities.


    Simplify and rationalize your processes

    Once you have a single end-to-end view of your process, TIBCO Nimbus enables you to identify and eliminate non-value adding activities, view the full business impact of proposed changes, perform cost-based analysis, and calculate a clear return on investment (ROI) for process improvement and automation projects.


    Easy to consume notation

    TIBCO Nimbus? provides a view of the business process that is easily understandable to business end users. It takes away the complexities that accompany other notations, such as BPMN and simply describes: what needs to be done, what is required to do it, how to do it, who should be doing it, and what outputs to expect.

    A how to guide for your enterprise 

    TIBCO Nimbus?  provides storyboards that walk users through a job-related activity or use case. Storyboards are able to connect tasks and steps from across many different enterprise level processes to provide each user a personalized step-bystep guide of how to accomplish different tasks. A collection of storyboards are presented in a personalized dashboard containing graphical landing and navigation pages to make finding the right process simple and intuitive. This information comes together to create a how-to guide for your enterprise. A how-to guide empowers employees with the ability to find the right information whenever and wherever they need it to accomplish work. This resource is useful for new employee training, for existing employees to review how to accomplish uncommon tasks or exceptions, and for communicating changes or introducing new products or services to the whole organization.

    Built in collabration

    TIBCO Nimbus?  was designed to simplify collaboration around process improvement. This simplification includes stakeholder collaboration, process change requests, process change sign-offs, and the ability to assign actions to individuals or groups. TIBCO Nimbus? collaboration can also be enhanced with TIBCO?s social networking platform tibbr® .

    TIBCO Nimbus? helps you define and visualize your business processes in a few quick steps.

    • Define processes in an easy-to-understand visual language
    • Simplify by collaborating on improvements and change
    • Share by publishing new maps or changing and publishing existing ones
    • Change by sending and tracking notifications for maps and procedures

    TIBCO Nimbus? Makes it easy by simplifing process design helping you to define what's important.

    • What should we do?">What should we do?
    • When should we do it?">When should we do it?
    • How should we do it?">How should we do it?
    • Who should be doing it?">Who should be doing it?
    • Why should we be doing it?">Why should we be doing it?

    How TIBCO Nimbus? can get everyone on the same page 

    • Publish your processes and share them with your team
    • Diagrams are easy to understand so everyone from managers to end users can use them as a framework for collaboration
    • For extra detail, use activity drilldowns to capture the specifics
    • You'll get an integrated, easily navigable hierarchy that shows all your tasks at a glance

    How TIBCO Nimbus? can add value control versioning 

    • Simplify activities in your map by linking or attaching documents that add value for users
    • Control versioning and finalize content with signoffs
    • Make sure your users are always accessing the right information by authorizing content and promoting it to a master version
    • Users can work on drafts until a new version is ready to be published

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