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  • TIBCO Nimbus? Web Branding Guide

    Sucheta S

    Table of Contents

    Document Focus

    This guides focus is to allow you to have a greater understanding of which elements of the TIBCO Nimbus? Webserver


    It is Possible to change the logo that is displayed in the upper left hand coner of the login page to keep the log-in page consistent with the rest of your branding. we will need the image in the following size and format.

    Image Size - 160 x 80

    Format - .PNG


    Login Background

    On the login page there is a large image used to fill the space on the right side of the page this can be changed to better reflect your companies branding or to help with usabilty. The requirements for the image to be changed are as follows:

    Size - 1170x650

    Format - .JPG


    Company logo

    The company logo is located on the top left of the home page and can be changed to reflect your companies logo there are some stipulations to get the logo to display correctly. If you wish to change the image you must provide us with an image using the following guidelines.

    Size - 162 x 24

    Image Format - .PNG


    SideBar Icon

    Sidebar Icon Unselectedbackground-color: #324150color: #a5b6ca
    Sidebar Icon Selectedbackground-color: #465a6fcolor: #fff
    SideBar Icon Hoverbackground-color: #324150color: #fff

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