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  • TIBCO Nimbus Web server branding guide

    Sucheta S

    Webserver branding

    This Wiki page will show you what can be changed in the webserver in terms of branding and how these changes will be shown when in use. This is not an exhausative list of everything that can be changed but instead will cover the most commonly branded sections of the webserver. If there are any specific features or functions you wish to change or you having issues with the branding please contact the TIBCO Nimbus? Helpdesk.


    Below is an image of the standard logo deployed on a standard cloud instance. If you wish to change the highlighted logo please provide us with a replacement that meets the following criteria and we can implement this into your system.

    Size - 162 x 24

    Image Format - .PNG



    It is Possible to change the logo that is displayed in the upper left hand side of the login page to keep the log-in page consistent with the rest of your branding. we will need the image in the following size and format.

    Image Size - 160 x 80

    Format - .PNG


    On the right hand side of the login page there is an image named 'BG' which dictates what will be shown as a background on the login page. This can be changed by sending us a file with the following dimensions and format.

    Size - 1170x650

    Format - .JPEG

    Sidebar Icon

    The Sidebar icon section of the webserver UI has three different states which it can changed between during interaction. Below you will see a table displaying the three states and the default colours these use during these states.

    Sidebar Icon Unselectedbackground-color: #324150color: #a5b6ca2.jpg.38c1fc971185419bd4e4dceae9e99385.jpg
    Sidebar Icon Selected background-color: #465a6fcolor: #fffselected.jpg.97fc0ba8d5d90cb38e5db1b761236a48.jpg
    SideBar Icon Hoverbackground-color: #324150color: #fffhover.jpg.45f4c36ba9b92915eeb6b4c9cda23990.jpg

    Page Title Icon

    The Page title icon hiighlighted in the image dynamically changes based on the side bar navigation selection, the background colour of the image can be branded, by default it is set to a darker shade of the sidebar navigation colour:

     background-color: #324150


    Dialogue Title/Close Icon

    When interacting with webserver UI specific actions can cause in popup dialogue modals, the scenario shown is during the triggering of the creation of a new process map, the highlighted title background uses the folowing Hex code by default:

    background-color: #25313d


    Table Header

    When viewing content that is structured within a tabled view you will notice that the table header has a different background colour to the other content displayed. By default the colour scheme for this is: 

    background-color: #d3e8ff


    Primary Button 

    Disabled StateBackground-color: #0081cb color: #fff7.png.d6f183361a3ee2e4c189e3eaebfd5be0.png
    Hover statebackground-color: #3498dbcolor: #fff8.png.bfba0deaa9255f972341b365521a0198.png
    Interactive statebackground-color: #bbd8e8color: #fff9.png.ae619289cd250c78f53af4b06b38fbef.png

    Example of a branded Webserver

    We have created a demo instance and branded it to show you what you can expect from a branded install and how it compares to the standard instance.

    Login Page10.png.43bef7060b4e56c79f93bf728310a238.png
    Home Page11.png.13b22f653b06e04e938512a73702d053.png
    Table view12.png.396180d620656332d7322dadbf902d7d.png

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