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  • TIBCO Nimbus? White Papers

    Sucheta S

    Invalid levels

    In certain scenarios, it is possible that levels on a map can become damaged putting them into an invalid state. The effect of this can vary depending on the level/s that are affected so it important that when troubleshooting this issue you first identify where the invalid level is and work on it from there. Invalid levels can usually be resolved without any data loss and can be resolved by using the AdminUtil.exe.

    What actions can cause invalid levels to appear?

    By gathering data from all cases opened and internal testing we have found the two most common causes of invalid levels are as follows:

    Copying and pasting an activity with a drill down attached 

    When the action of copying and pasting an activity with a drill down attached is run the system will then have problems working through the duplicates of the levels and in most cases will then cause one or more levels to appear invalid. 

    Network instability during reading and write operations

    While making changes to a map if a user is suffering packet loss or loses complete connection to the system during processes that read or write from tables this can cause the map to generate invalid levels due to bad data entries. 

    These aren't the only causes that can lead to having invalid levels appear on a map but these are by far the most common. The aim of this Whitepaper is to not only make you as the System Admin more aware of invalid levels and what causes them but also allow you to get this information out to the users so that the issue is reduced. 

    Using Admin utility to find invalid levels

    If you believe there are invalid levels in the system or would like to run a search as part of a system health check you will need to make sure you have access to the following:

    you will require access to the server that the Nimbus client and PR are installed on 

    Admin utility fixes

    With the use of the Admin utility, there are a few different options available to you to resolve invalid levels in the system. Different resolution paths can be taken depending on what the issue is and if the levels that have become invalid are important or not so please read over all of the options before deciding which fix you think best suits the given situation. 

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