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  • TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk RedTail Community Content Pack for Apache Kafka

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Table of Contents

    TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® (Formerly TIBCO Hawk®) and TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® RedTail provide the industry's best, most sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise. With Hawk, system administrators can monitor application parameters, behavior, and loading activities for all nodes in a local or wide-area network and take action when pre-defined conditions occur. In many cases, runtime failures or slowdowns can be repaired automatically within seconds of their discovery, reducing unscheduled outages and slowdowns of critical business systems.

    TIBCO OI Hawk RedTail - Container Edition helps you to monitor and manage distributed applications by providing distributed rules, alerts, and remediation actions. You can enable additional monitoring capabilities in TIBCO OI Hawk RedTail - Container Edition with the ?TIBCO® operational Intelligence Hawk® RedTail - Standard Edition License?, such as centralized storage and processing of metrics, customizable dashboards, tag-based rulebases, fine-grained role-based access control, collect and forward logs to TIBCO Loglogic LMI and more.

    TIBCO OI Hawk RedTail Container Edition also allows you to create or import Content Packs. A Content Pack is out of the box, a curated collection of monitoring and visualization resource templates that include Metrics (Data Models), Tags, Rulebases, and Dashboards. The Content Pack helps you save time in creating Metric Exporters, Tags and Tag-based Rulebases, Dashboards, and other artifacts which help to bootstrap users given the wide range of metrics with endless monitoring and visualization possibilities.

    In this article, we will describe how to import and configure the Community Edition of Content Pack for Apache Kafka into your OI Hawk RedTail Container Edition environment.

    The Content Pack for Kafka provides templates out-of-the-box metrics, Tag-based Rulebases and Dashboards for visualizing Kafka server metrics like Broker state, Leader and Partition count, Active controller counts, Topics metrics like Bytes in/out per Topic, and Kafka Server CPU and Memory details.

    Prerequisites for importing the Content Pack

      1. TIBCO® Operational Intelligence Hawk® RedTail - Standard Edition must be applied to enable the advanced features such as Content Packs, Dashboards etc in TIBCO OI Hawk RedTail - Container Edition.

      2. Kafka needs to be instrumented with the Prometheus JMX Exporter. Download the latest JMX Exporter from:

      3. Add the JMX Exporter Java Agent to the Kafka docker image along with the JMX Agent config yaml file. (here is a sample Dockerfile and prom-jmx-agent-config.yml for your reference in the - download from Resources below).

      4. For deploying Kafka service with the above Kafka docker image, configure the environment variable with the value:

          KAFKA_OPTS: "-javaagent:/usr/app/jmx_prometheus_javaagent.jar=7071:/usr/app/prom-jmx-agent-config.yml"

          This will expose the JMX Exporter metrics at the port 7071

      5. Download the content pack from the Resources below .


    Steps for Importing the Content Pack

      1. A user with administrative privileges can import a content pack. Login to Hawk RedTail with this user.

      2. Go to the Content Packs menu on the banner and click on the Import Content Pack button:


      3. Select the Content Pack zip file oihkrtc_kafka_contentpack_community_<version>.zip  from your local file system.

      4. You will see the new entry created for the imported Content Pack. Click on it to see the Edit option on the right.

      5. You can edit the Content Pack and go to Step 5 on the wizard to assign Roles with privileges for each of the Resource Groups for this Content Pack.


    For e.g. you can assign Read-Write privileges to say a KafkaAdmin role and Read-only privileges to a KafkaOperator role for the resource groups.

      6. You can go to the ?Dashboards? menu and look for the dashboard that got imported along with the Content Pack as follows:


      7. The Tags and Tag-based RuleBases are also automatically created when you import a Content Pack:



      8. To navigate to a Content Pack, go to the Content Packs menu and Click on the cp-icon.png.b7e3f15ea7b8b12e4833d2050085faf8.png  icon on the right corner of the screen. You will see all the Content packs accessible to you:



    Click on KafkaContentPack to select, and go inside the view of this content pack.

    Post Installation Steps after Importing Content Pack

    The Kafka Content pack assumes that the Kafka service is running with JMX Exporter exposed as the service name as kafka and the port as 7071

    If your service name and port are different, then you will have to update the Prometheus Exporter target after you import the Kafka Content pack with the actual Kafka service name and port.


    Click on the Validate button on the above screen which will show up the metrics discovered for the Kafka target. This will ensure that Kafka JMX Exporter is configured correctly and the target is accessible to OI Hawk RedTail and it will scrape the exposed metrics.


    Additional Resources

    To learn more about TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk RedTail Container Edition, refer to our documentation at:


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