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  • TIBCO® Operational Intelligence Hawk® RedTail- Content Packs (Community Editions)

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Table of Contents

    TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® (Formerly TIBCO Hawk®) and TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® RedTail provide the industry's best, most sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise. With Hawk, system administrators can monitor application parameters, behavior, and loading activities for all nodes in a local or wide-area network and take action when pre-defined conditions occur. In many cases, runtime failures or slowdowns can be repaired automatically within seconds of their discovery, reducing unscheduled outages and slowdowns of critical business systems.

    TIBCO® OI Hawk® RedTail is built on TIBCO® OI Hawk® and offers the same core functionality, plus additional advanced monitoring capabilities as follows:

    • Collect and Store Metrics: Collect metrics from various Hawk microagents and external metric sources, and store them in the time-series database.
    • Customizable Dashboards: visualize the time-series metrics and also configure multiple queries within them.
    • Unified Query Language: Operational Intelligence Query Language to query the stored time-series metrics in the form of Data Models.
    • Tag-based Rulebases: creating high-level Rulebases with Tags that can match microagents, so that the Rulebases can be automatically deployed to all the microagents.
    • Content Pack: A curated collection of monitoring and visualization resources - out of the box product or environment-specific view.
    • Integration with TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence: capabilities to forward and search log data remotely.

    TIBCO OI Hawk RedTail allows you to create or import Content Packs. A Content Pack is out of the box, a curated collection of monitoring and visualization resource templates that include Metrics (Data Models), Tags, Rulebases, and Dashboards. The Content Pack helps you save time in creating Metric Exporters, Tags and Tag-based Rulebases, Dashboards, and other artifacts which help to bootstrap users given the wide range of metrics with endless monitoring and visualization possibilities.

    This page allows users to download and use the community edition content packs that the OI Hawk® community releases. This page aims to allow customers around the world to use the OI Hawk® eco-system to develop their own content or use the packs provided by the community to achieve better integration with custom products.

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