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  • What's new in TIBCO LogLogic Log Management Intelligence 6.3.1

    Manoj Chaurasia

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    TIBCO LogLogic® provides the industry's first enterprise-class, end-to-end log management solution. Using LogLogic log management solutions, IT organizations can analyze and archive network log data for the purpose of compliance and legal protection, decision support for network security remediation, and increased network performance and improved availability.

    TIBCO LogLogic Log Management Intelligence 6.3.1 is a power-packed release of features and enhancements. To see a complete list of new features do check out the documentation here.

    New Features

    • TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence
    • TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance
    • TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance - Container Edition

    New platforms and product editions

    New platforms: In addition to the existing platforms, you can now deploy LogLogic EVA on the following platforms:

    • Docker
    • Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM)
    • Microsoft Azure

    For more information about deploying LogLogic EVA on these platforms, see TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance Quick Start.

    New product edition: LogLogic EVA - Container Edition (the container edition of LogLogic EVA) includes support only for the Docker platform and is distributed on the TIBCO eDelivery website.

    Upgrading in AWS


    In an AWS environment, it was not possible to upgrade LogLogic EVA to version 6.3.0. In the 6.3.1 release, you can run a cross-version script to migrate all setup and configuration from your existing setup to a new instance of LogLogic EVA 6.3.1.


    For upgrade instructions, see TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence Configuration and Upgrade.

    Common New Features

    The following features have been added in this release in all product editions.

    Advanced Features

    • Parsing rules: When adding parsing rules for a data model from Add sample events and parsing rules > Parsing rules panel, you can reorder the parsing rules by dragging rules to the required position. Now, you can also hover over the rule and select an appropriate option to reorder the rule. For more information, see Defining the Sequence of Parsing Rules in the TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence User Guide.
    • Downloading search results: When downloading search results from the Data panel, a new option is now available to download the selected columns with the applied filters from all pages of search results. Earlier there were only two options: all data or the current view.
    • Pagination: A Go to field has been provided on the search results page. You can now jump to any result page by entering the page number in the Go to field. 

    For detailed information about Advanced Search, see Advanced Search in the TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence User Guide.

    Advanced Dashboards

    The following enhancements have been added in this release:

    Widget TypeDescription
    Range BarNew widget. Displays a range of values as a bar graph.
    Combined WidgetYou can now drag the pie to any area of the widget. This helps to view the line and bar graphs properly.
    All widgetsThe following new fields have been added to all widgets:
    • Widget Description field? On the Advanced Dashboard, the description is displayed when you hover over the widget.
    • Auto load field

    Advanced Alerts

    When acknowledging an advanced alert on the Alerts Advanced Alerts page, you can now specify an external web address in the URL field. This feature is useful for adding alert information such as an external link to a customer relationship management system or a defect tracking system. This enables you to track actions triggered by the alert. For more information, see Acknowledging Alerts in the TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence User Guide.

    Advanced Aggregation Rules

    The purge frequency of aggregated data can now be configured by an administrator. See the following topics in TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence Administration:

    Monitoring Console

    The following enhancements have been introduced in this release:

    • Monitoring Console in LogLogic LMI now includes the cluster manager functionality from TIBCO Hawk®. Monitoring Console creates a ready-to-use Hawk domain named lmi_domain and you can connect external Hawk agents to lmi_domain. You can also register additional domains of type regular, proxy, or new domains from the Monitoring Console, and external Hawk agents can connect to those domains.
    • A reconnect bu?on has been provided on the Monitoring Console. Whenever the connection of the appliance with the domain is lost, the appliance tries to connect. However, if the appliance is not able to reconnect, a reconnect bu?on appears on the Monitoring Console. You can click the bu?on to manually reconnect to the domain.

    For more information, see Monitoring Console in the TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence User Guide.

    EQL rede?ned Functions

    The following functions have been added to the EQL predefined functions. For more information, see Predefined Functions in the TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence User Guide.

    • Math functions: The sum (distinct ) function returns the sum of the distinct values in the specified column.
    • String functions:
    Function Description
    • findlast
    • findnth
    • substituteall
    • substitutefirst 
     The find functions find the position of one string within another. The substitute functions find a regular expression within a string and replace it with another string.
    • Miscellaneous functions:
    geoiplookupYou can use the geoiplookup function within SQL and EQL queries to fetch the geographical information of a specified IP address. This function helps you to search logs that originated from a particular geographical area such as location, country, city, postal code, and so on. You can use the function in Advanced Search and Advanced Dashboards.

    You can use the matchcidr function to check if an IP address belongs to a CIDR range or a specified range of IP addresses. You can use the function within SQL, EQL, and ECL queries, and in turn, in other functions that make use of these queries.

    Customizable GUI Theme

    From the Administration System Settings > General tab Theme section, an administrator can now set the colors of the header bars, the text in the header bars, and the text in the menu items. For more information, see Theme in the TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence Administration.

    Additional Landing Page Options

    Advanced Search and Monitoring Console pages have been added to the list of login landing page options. For more information, see Changing the Login Landing Page in the TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence User Guide.

    Additional Information 

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