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TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration™ Suite provides a comprehensive suite of products that accelerates the concept-to-cash cycle for multi-play Communications Service Providers by automating the end-to-end process from product definition and design to efficient, accurate fulfillment.
Last Updated on 1:46pm Jan 18, 2017 by TIBCO Software Inc
Bring the Fast Data platform into the world of transportation with TIBCO’s Connected Vehicles Accelerator. Learn how event processing and streaming analytics can track scheduled vehicles and help you discover critical business moments before they adversely impact your operations, your customers, and your partners. Plus, do it quicker with the accelerator framework.
Last Updated on 8:45am Jan 18, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This accelerator is a "quick start pack" for building case management applications based on ActiveMatrix BPM Case Models and patterns.
Last Updated on 6:09am Jan 13, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Identify potentially fraudulent activities in a high-frequency transaction stream using TIBCO's Financial Fraud Detection Accelerator. Build supervised and unsupervised models and hot deploy these on the event processing platform. Score transactions in real-time and raise cases for investigation when potential fraud is detected.
Last Updated on 5:49am Jan 13, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This Custom Datasource is a TIBCO Spotfire® Extension that enables users to build interactive Spotfire visualizations using data stored in TIBCO® Live Datamart.
Last Updated on 4:08pm Jan 11, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Graphical Administration Tool for TIBCO(R) EMS (GEMS) is a graphical user interface utility for TIBCO(R) Enterprise Message Service. It can be used by JMS developers as a general purpose testing tool and by administrative support staff as a management and monitoring tool.
Last Updated on 12:21pm Dec 08, 2016 by TIBCO Software
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Visualize the health of your business processes in real-time with TIBCO’s Business Activity Monitoring Accelerator. Track processes for SLAs and timeouts using a fully-configuration driven approach and streaming analytics. Plus connect your business intelligence tools directly to the accelerator database and data grid for summary reporting and analysis.
Last Updated on 2:03am Dec 08, 2016 by TIBCO Software
The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator provides visibility of inventory being tracked in near real time with rich graphical visualizations of inventory levels as they change dynamically.  The open architecture allows easy layering onto any existing transactional system and incorporation of optimization logic to reduce excess inventory and ensure adequate inventory is continuously maintained.  The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator can be accessed and integrated via simple REST API’s.
Last Updated on 12:10pm Dec 07, 2016 by TIBCO Software
This Spotfire template guides the user through the tasks of adhoc data discovery, supervised model creation and unsupervised model creation to build a strategy for combating financial crime.
Last Updated on 10:07am Nov 23, 2016 by TIBCO Software
The FX Dealing Accelerator offers the ability to create an FX trading/pricing application that is both flexible and fast to deploy.  The FX Accelerator provides a framework that connects to Liquidity Providers and manages the lifecycle of the connection freeing the developer to concentrate on adding business specific logic and rules that add value to their organization.
Last Updated on 10:33am Nov 21, 2016 by TIBCO Software


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