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Command Center for Marketo Insights – contains a set of web-based analytics to give marketing operations users more insights into the activities being recorded by their Marketing automation solution, the ability to segment and explore their lead database, identify and remediate data quality issues, and a set of tools to uncover insights that can be shared with the broader marketing organization to improve campaign planning, engagement analysis, and track high level KPI’s.
Last Updated on 10:48pm Apr 26, 2018 by Command Center for Marketo Insights in TIBCO Spotfire®
Custom TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service™ MicroAgent (CEMA) Plug-in that enables TIBCO Hawk® to monitor various EMS statistics.
Last Updated on 2:32pm Apr 26, 2018 by TIBCO Software
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The JavaScript Visualization Framework, or JSViz, is a Custom Extension for TIBCO Spotfire that allows users to create their own visualizations using JavaScript libraries, such as d3, but still allow them to seamlessly integrate with the Spotfire platform.
Last Updated on 11:03am Apr 23, 2018 by TIBCO Software
A tool to log and monitor EMS (including EMS Appliance) server statistics.  Display collected statistics in a dashboard to gain insights into your messaging system.  Server metrics can simply be logged to CSV files or pushed to a Prometheus monitoring system for visualization with Granfana dashboards.
Last Updated on 9:41am Apr 20, 2018 by TIBCO Software
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Tutorial demonstrating how to put machine learning into production, but also aimed at business users who want to learn how to set up a machine learning strategy in their businesses.  Spotfire Platform and Spotfire Cloud versions of the template are available.
Last Updated on 9:36am Apr 18, 2018 by TIBCO Software
Create Shewhart control charts such as Xbar-R/Xbar-S, Individual-Moving Range (IMR), and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA)
Last Updated on 8:04am Apr 18, 2018 by TIBCO Software
This TIBCO Spotfire® template guides user through the entire model building process of supervised classification.
Last Updated on 8:18am Apr 16, 2018 by TIBCO Software
This Custom Datasource is a TIBCO Spotfire® Extension that enables users to build interactive Spotfire visualizations using data stored in TIBCO® Live Datamart.
Last Updated on 11:58am Mar 30, 2018 by TIBCO Software
Generate normal and lognormal probability plots
Last Updated on 9:49am Mar 30, 2018 by TIBCO Software
Geospatial data can come in several forms, for example locations of specific points, or polygons that define areas of interest.  When both point and polygon data are present, it is often useful to identify the enclosing polygon for each point, so information from both tables can be merged
Last Updated on 9:48am Mar 30, 2018 by TIBCO Software


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