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Gain valuable 'pit to port' metrics for resource organisations in the mining & minerals sector with TIBCO's Intuitive Mining Accelerator. Use the detailed interactive analytics dashboard to transform, collaborate, and lead operations by providing insight and helping make better strategic decisions
TIBCO Software updated on 2:08am Mar 30, 2021
This is simple example of the data function for TIBCO Spotfire® built in TIBCO® Data Science - Workbench (formerly known as Statistica). This simple data function is showing correlation analysis.
TIBCO Software updated on 12:54am Mar 30, 2021
This Python data function calculates the correlation coefficients between columns of data. Multiple correlation methods are available which are: Pearson, Spearman and Kendall.
TIBCO Software updated on 12:52am Mar 30, 2021
Actively track the lifecycle of packages through your delivery network with TIBCO's Track and Trace Accelerator. Capture announcement and observation events in real-time and apply against a decision table-based state model.
TIBCO Software updated on 10:22am Mar 25, 2021
Capture real-time telemetry from data historians like OPC UA and OSI PI with TIBCO's Data Historian Accelerator. Navigate object hierarchies with an easy to use interface to setup subscriptions on data points of interest. Map these data points into logical data sets and then pass this to custom-implemented rule modules using decision tables and data science models to gather insights. Stream this data into Live Datamart for real-time visualization of system state and take action when anomalous behaviour is detected.
TIBCO Software updated on 3:32am Mar 24, 2021
The IoT Drilling Accelerator is a platform to consume drill head data from Oil Rigs, perform Analytics on the data and present to Drilling Engineers. The Analytics are performed in Real Time and the results sent to Spotfire and Live Datamart dashboards. This gives an up to date view of Rig state and the ability to detect anomalies as they occur. New in the latest release is a model to detect Bit Wear.
TIBCO Software updated on 3:17am Mar 23, 2021
This component consisting of data function created in Python. Data function trains and executes a Random Forest machine learning model on a given input dataset. 
TIBCO Software updated on 3:08am Mar 23, 2021
Visualize long texts easily.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 12:41am Mar 12, 2021
Compare multiple categories of values over common variables.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 8:18am Mar 03, 2021
Visualize movements in the price of a financial instrument over time.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 3:01am Feb 15, 2021


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