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The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator provides visibility of inventory being tracked in near real time with rich graphical visualizations of inventory levels as they change dynamically.  The open architecture allows easy layering onto any existing transactional system and incorporation of optimization logic to reduce excess inventory and ensure adequate inventory is continuously maintained.  The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator can be accessed and integrated via simple REST API’s.
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Bring the Fast Data platform into the world of transportation with TIBCO’s Connected Vehicles Accelerator. Learn how event processing and streaming analytics can track scheduled vehicles and help you discover critical business moments before they adversely impact your operations, your customers, and your partners. Plus, do it quicker with the accelerator framework.
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TIBCO BusinessConnect™ is a B2B gateway that helps large organizations automate processes with business partners and respond faster to complex customer requests while complying with industry and regulatory standards. BusinessConnect enables the secure transmission of documents and messages, supports all major transport and business protocols, and can exchange information across all back-end systems. BusinessConnect includes data interrogation and orchestration capabilities to automate the evaluation, validation, acknowledgment, and error-handling of documents being exchanged. The Trading Community Management web portal allows tens of thousands of trading partners to self register and manage their configuration profiles. Hundreds of companies in Logistics and International Trade, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Financial Services, etc. use BusinessConnect to securely and scalably collaborate with their partners.
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This Template creates a Classification Tree from the Spotfire Classification Modeling Tool output.  The tree is generated by a data function that adds an R graphics dendogram to Spotfire.
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Custom EMS MicroAgent (CEMA) Plug-in that enables TIBCO Hawk to monitor various EMS statistics
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Publishes StreamBaseMonitor data into TIBCO LiveView™ Tables
Last Updated on 10:31am Apr 03, 2017 by TIBCO Software
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SLF4J and Log4j log appenders that publish to a TIBCO LiveView™ table.  
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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint allows integration processes to insert and capture information in Microsoft SharePoint ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™. This enables integration of Sharepoint with other systems by adding, updating, deleting, and querying data in a Microsoft SharePoint server.
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Random forests are an ensemble decision tree machine learning method for classification and regression.
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Random Forest is an ensemble tree machine-learning algorithm.  This template employs supervised learning to determine variable importance and make predictions. 
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