Graphical Administration Tool for TIBCO(R) EMS (GEMS) is a graphical user interface utility for TIBCO(R) Enterprise Message Service. It can be used by JMS developers as a general purpose testing tool and by administrative support staff as a management and monitoring tool.
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When deployed with TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence or with TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance, TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite enables users to generate various reports and alerts from pre-existing infrastructure data.
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A tool to log and monitor EMS (including EMS Appliance) server statistics.  Display collected statistics in a dashboard to gain insights into your messaging system.  Server metrics can simply be logged to CSV files or pushed to AWS CloudWatch or to a Prometheus monitoring system for visualization with dashboards.
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Visualize the health of your business processes in real-time with TIBCO’s Business Activity Monitoring Accelerator. Track processes for SLAs and timeouts using a fully-configuration driven approach and streaming analytics. Plus connect your business intelligence tools directly to the accelerator database and data grid for summary reporting and analysis.
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The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator provides visibility of inventory being tracked in near real time with rich graphical visualizations of inventory levels as they change dynamically.  The open architecture allows easy layering onto any existing transactional system and incorporation of optimization logic to reduce excess inventory and ensure adequate inventory is continuously maintained.  The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator can be accessed and integrated via simple REST API’s.
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Custom TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service™ MicroAgent (CEMA) Plug-in that enables TIBCO Hawk® to monitor various EMS statistics.
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