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This template detects anomalous data points in a dataset using an autoencoder algorithm.  
Last Updated on 11:06am Mar 24, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This Spotfire template guides the user through the tasks of adhoc data discovery, supervised model creation and unsupervised model creation to build a strategy for combating financial crime.
Last Updated on 10:37am Mar 24, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This template is used to create a GBM machine learning model to understand the effects of predictor variables on a single response. 
Last Updated on 10:36am Mar 24, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Random Forest is an ensemble tree machine-learning algorithm.  This template employs supervised learning to determine variable importance and make predictions. 
Last Updated on 9:48am Mar 24, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Random forests are an ensemble decision tree machine learning method for classification and regression.
Created on 9:19pm Mar 20, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This accelerator is a "quick start pack" for building case management applications based on ActiveMatrix BPM Case Models and patterns.
Last Updated on 8:48am Feb 10, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This Custom Datasource is a TIBCO Spotfire® Extension that enables users to build interactive Spotfire visualizations using data stored in TIBCO® Live Datamart.
Last Updated on 8:40am Feb 10, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Identify potentially fraudulent activities in a high-frequency transaction stream using TIBCO's Financial Fraud Detection Accelerator. Build supervised and unsupervised models and hot deploy these on the event processing platform. Score transactions in real-time and raise cases for investigation when potential fraud is detected.
Last Updated on 9:26am Feb 08, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Analyze your Big Data FAST with the use of this accelerator.  Gain insights into your historical data and act in real time on the current streams of data in conjunction with historical analysis to make crucial decisions when it matters.
Last Updated on 2:57pm Feb 01, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This Data Function generates a plot of the empirical cumulative distribution function (cdf).
Last Updated on 12:21pm Feb 01, 2017 by TIBCO Software


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