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Take back control of your insurance pricing platform with TIBCO's Insurance Pricing Accelerator. Transform your business into an Algorithmic Insurer by deploying pricing and propensity models you build and control to gain advantage over competitors using industry-standard black box software packages. Hot deploy these models and watch the results in real-time with the TIBCO Insight Platform.
Last Updated on 5:33am Jun 23, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Bring the TIBCO Insight Platform into the world of transportation with TIBCO’s Connected Vehicles Accelerator. Learn how event processing and streaming analytics can track scheduled vehicles and help you discover critical business moments before they adversely impact your operations, your customers, and your partners. Plus, do it quicker with the accelerator framework.
Last Updated on 1:47am Jun 23, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This Spotfire template guides the user through the tasks of adhoc data discovery, supervised model creation and unsupervised model creation to build a strategy for combating financial crime.
Last Updated on 4:00pm Jun 19, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Identify potentially fraudulent activities in a high-frequency transaction stream using TIBCO's Financial Fraud Detection Accelerator. Build supervised and unsupervised models and hot deploy these on the event processing platform. Score transactions in real-time and raise cases for investigation when potential fraud is detected.
Last Updated on 9:04am Jun 11, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This template is used to create a GBM machine learning model to understand the effects of predictor variables on a single response. 
Last Updated on 6:06am May 24, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This template lets you prepare your data for the analyses used in the segmentation, affinity and propensity downstream Customer Analytics Templates.
Last Updated on 5:35pm May 23, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This template lets you identify product categories that are likely to be bought by the same customers based on their past purchasing behavior.
Last Updated on 3:35pm May 23, 2017 by TIBCO Software
Extreme Gradient Boosting or XGBoost is a supervised Machine-learning algorithm used to predict a target variable Y given a set of features – Xi
Last Updated on 1:36pm May 12, 2017 by TIBCO Software
This template and data function return TERR environmental variables.
Last Updated on 6:28pm May 07, 2017 by TIBCO Software
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This Template creates a Classification Tree from the Spotfire Classification Modeling Tool output.  The tree is generated by a data function that adds an R graphics dendogram to Spotfire.
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