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Command Center for Marketo Insights – contains a set of web-based analytics to give marketing operations users more insights into the activities being recorded by their Marketing automation solution, the ability to segment and explore their lead database, identify and remediate data quality issues, and a set of tools to uncover insights that can be shared with the broader marketing organization to improve campaign planning, engagement analysis, and track high level KPI’s.
This template lets you prepare your data for the analyses used in the segmentation, affinity and propensity downstream Customer Analytics Templates.
TIBCO Software updated on 7:40pm May 22, 2018
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for Marketo plugs into ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, which bridges ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks with Marketo. It allows ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks users to connect to Marketo, leverage the Marketo data to collect
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 11:13am May 22, 2018
This template lets you identify customers and product categories to target for promotional offers.
TIBCO Software updated on 7:47pm May 22, 2018

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