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The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator provides visibility of inventory being tracked in near real time with rich graphical visualizations of inventory levels as they change dynamically.  The open architecture allows easy layering onto any existing transactional system and incorporation of optimization logic to reduce excess inventory and ensure adequate inventory is continuously maintained.  The Real-Time Inventory Accelerator can be accessed and integrated via simple REST API’s.
TIBCO Software updated on 12:44pm Jun 20, 2019
Easily create cloud audit trails by connecting BusinessWorks apps to TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe.
TIBCO Software updated on 11:54am Nov 07, 2018
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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for MongoDB is an add-on product for ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. The plugin supports a basic and advanced functions including CRUD operations to insert, query, update and remove documents. The plug-in also provides features like map-reduce and shared resources for connection to MongoDB. These functions seamlessly integrate into ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks business processes.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 6:09pm Aug 05, 2018
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The TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in Development Kitallows developers to easily define and configure palettes, activities, attributes, and input/output schemas through a wizard driven approach. Based on developer input, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in Development Kit generates source code templates for consistency and maintainability.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 12:59pm Jun 11, 2018
MQTT (formerly MQ Telemetry Transport) is a publish/subscribe, extremely simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable network. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for MQTT – Community Edition plugs into TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. You can use this plug-in to configure a connection to MQTT broker, and then use activities to publish/subscribe messages with MQTT broker.
TIBCO Software updated on 11:35am May 25, 2018
A Configure Price Quote system focuses on managing customer-facing products and the order capture process. A fulfillment system such as TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management manages the technical products and their associated fulfillment processes. This adapter allows you to seamlessly manage and accelerate the entire concept-to-market and the order-to-cash cycles.  
TIBCO Software updated on 8:06pm May 24, 2018
Live Dashboard for TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration™ allows user to view live analytics based on real-time data stream from TIBCO® Fulfillment Order Management. Users can extend the view and have their own style of reports.
TIBCO Software updated on 8:04pm May 24, 2018
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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for vCard - Community Edition is an add-on product for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™. The plug-in provides features that allow users to process vCard formatted files in a Businessworks process. It supports both read and write operations on this type of file format.
TIBCO Software updated on 8:22am May 24, 2018


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