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Capture and analyze sensor data in real-time from your IoT devices with TIBCO's Intelligent Equipment Accelerator. Integrate through industry-standard protocols like OPC UA, OSI PI, MQTT, and Web Services, or build your own. Apply custom validations, cleansing policies, rules, and feature statistics to data feeds to identify trends and gain insight.
TIBCO Software updated on 7:51am Aug 25, 2020
Identify potentially risky activities in a high-frequency event stream using machine learning in TIBCO's Risk Management Accelerator. Build supervised and/or unsupervised models and hot deploy these to the streaming event processing platform, then score events in real-time. Raise alerts when potentially risky behaviour is detected.
TIBCO Software updated on 5:17am Aug 24, 2020
Visualize and analyze public transportation networks in real-time with TIBCO’s Real-Time Public Transportion Accelerator. Event processing and streaming analytic connect to GTFS feeds from a variety of agencies and display updates on a live dashboard in Spotfire to gain insights into the state of a transport network.
TIBCO Software updated on 6:11pm Aug 03, 2020
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The IoT Drilling Accelerator is a platform to consume drill head data from Oil Rigs, perform Analytics on the data and present to Drilling Engineers. The Analytics are performed in Real Time and the results sent to Spotfire and Live Datamart dashboards. This gives an up to date view of Rig state and the ability to detect anomalies as they occur. New in the latest release is a model to detect Bit Wear.
TIBCO Software updated on 2:52am Jul 24, 2020
This offering consists of custom mod for TIBCO Data Science - Team Studio and python data functions for TIBCO Spotfire to detect anomalies using Microsoft Azure services and containerized microsoft cognitive services to perform root cause analysis
TIBCO Software updated on 1:30am Jun 01, 2020
Gain real-time insights into transportation and logistics networks with TIBCO’s Connected Vehicles Accelerator. Event processing and streaming analytics track scheduled vehicles to help you discover critical business moments before they adversely impact your operations, your customers, and your partners. Plus, do it quicker with the accelerator framework.
TIBCO Software updated on 2:36am May 14, 2020
This component is a custom node for TIBCO Data Science - Workbench (formerly known as Statistica) which is designed for addressing the situation when user want to import data from multiple csv.  
TIBCO Software updated on 2:25am May 11, 2020
TIBCO RTView monitors provide advanced, component-level  monitoring solutions for TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 5, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 6, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, TIBCO BusinessEvents and TIBCO ActiveSpaces
TIBCO Software updated on 5:55am May 07, 2020
This data function enables users to execute a TIBCO® Data Science - Team Studio workflow from Spotfire.
TIBCO Software updated on 9:39am Apr 21, 2020
Spotfire Extension to update a DateTime Document Property in Spotfire, allowing secondary automatic triggering of IronPython scripts or Data Functions, simulating execution on Document Open, Marking and Filter changes.
TIBCO Software updated on 10:42am Apr 07, 2020
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