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This accelerator is a "quick start pack" for building case management applications based on ActiveMatrix BPM Case Models and patterns.
TIBCO Software updated on 3:05pm Oct 29, 2019
AutoML for TIBCO® Data Science – Team Studio is designed for the business analyst and the data scientist alike, and provides automated generation of ML workflows as well as opportunities for manual intervention and fine tuning.
TIBCO Software updated on 9:47am Oct 28, 2019
This TIBCO Spotfire template is designed to enable user to build wide range of quality control charts with possibility do define charts specifications interactively according to user's needs. This comprehensive template is constructed based on Statistica data function and utilizing wide range of parameter settings already implemented in TIBCO Data Science - Statistica. It is an example of no-code data function.
TIBCO Software updated on 12:16pm Oct 14, 2019
This template lets you prepare your data for the analyses used in the segmentation, affinity and propensity downstream Customer Analytics Templates.
TIBCO Software updated on 1:10am Oct 08, 2019
TIBCO Cloud™ Starters Toolkit allows a UI developer to rapidly compose applications combining multiple TIBCO Cloud™ Services. Enabling our customers and partners to deliver highly customized solutions hosted on the TIBCO Cloud Platform, that meet specific use cases or verticals.
TIBCO LABS™ posted on 5:14am Sep 11, 2019
A tool to log and monitor EMS (including EMS Appliance) server statistics.  Display collected statistics in a dashboard to gain insights into your messaging system.  Server metrics can simply be logged to CSV files or pushed to AWS CloudWatch, InfluxDB or to a Prometheus monitoring system for visualization with dashboards.
TIBCO Software updated on 6:06pm Jul 05, 2019
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Graphical Administration Tool for TIBCO(R) EMS (GEMS) is a graphical user interface utility for TIBCO(R) Enterprise Message Service. It can be used by JMS developers as a general purpose testing tool and by administrative support staff as a management and monitoring tool.
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TIBCO Software updated on 6:00pm Jul 05, 2019
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Project Discover is a process-mining solution built on the TIBCOⓇ Connected Intelligence platform that allows customers to discover, learn, improve, and predict process behaviors from data event logs produced by operational systems.
TIBCO LABS™ updated on 3:28pm Jul 03, 2019
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Visualize the health of your business processes in real-time with TIBCO’s Business Activity Monitoring Accelerator. Track processes for SLAs and timeouts using a fully-configuration driven approach and streaming analytics. Plus connect your business intelligence tools directly to the accelerator database and data grid for summary reporting and analysis.
TIBCO Software updated on 12:45pm Jun 20, 2019
The FX Dealing Accelerator offers the ability to create an FX trading/pricing application that is both flexible and fast to deploy.  The FX Accelerator provides a framework that connects to Liquidity Providers and manages the lifecycle of the connection freeing the developer to concentrate on adding business specific logic and rules that add value to their organization.
TIBCO Software updated on 12:29pm Jun 20, 2019


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