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Capture an end-to-end view of your supply chain with TIBCO’s Continuous Supply Chain Accelerator. Gain insight into customer demand changes and trends using sophisticated modelling tools and visualizations in TIBCO Spotfire. Link product stock levels to anticipated demand and optimize stock allocation for distribution to minimize costs. Track deliveries of products to retail and customer locations all in real-time.
TIBCO Software updated on 8:36am Jul 12, 2021
Capture and analyze sensor data in real-time from your IoT devices with TIBCO's Intelligent Equipment Accelerator. Integrate through industry-standard protocols like OPC UA, OSI PI, MQTT, and Web Services, or build your own. Apply custom validations, cleansing policies, rules, and feature statistics to data feeds to identify trends and gain insight.
TIBCO Software updated on 3:38am Jul 05, 2021
Create opportunities to improve customer engagement with the TIBCO Next Best Action Accelerator. Define target audiences using a web interface based on TIBCO Spotfire and then link those audiences to offers issued to customers who complete qualifying activities to encourage loyalty and increase sales.
TIBCO Software updated on 3:57am Jun 30, 2021
19 new TIBCO® Data Science - Team Studio operators that enable machine learning with Spark 2.4 for a wide range of data sources provided by TIBCO® Data Virtualization.
TIBCO Software updated on 4:57am Jun 24, 2021
Take control of your pricing platform with TIBCO's Dynamic Pricing Accelerator. Applicable to insurance, retail, travel, or any industry where personalized pricing would be an advantage. Transform into an algorithmic business by deploying personalized pricing and propensity models that you build and manage to gain advantage over competitors while using industry-standard modelling languages. Hot deploy these models and watch the results in real-time with the TIBCO Insight Platform.
TIBCO Software updated on 2:27am Jun 23, 2021
This Spotfire application decomposes data to inspect for trends and seasonality, treats anomalies in the data, then uses different modelling techniques to create forecasts that can be compared and contrasted visually and evaluated with model metrics. This is done using R and Python data functions.
TIBCO Software updated on 6:22am May 21, 2021
This Python data function uses one-hot-encoding to transform categorical columns into multiple numeric columns containing 0's and 1's.
TIBCO Software updated on 12:38am May 20, 2021


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