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This offering consists of a custom mod that provides the ability to read images using TIBCO Data Science - Team Studio. The mod allows users to read images from a cluster using a no-code UI.
TIBCO Software updated on 1:36am May 17, 2021
This Python data function implements K-means clustering algorithm which tries to group similar items in the form of clusters. The number of groups is represented by K.
TIBCO Software updated on 4:59am May 14, 2021
This Python data function calculates metrics to help the user decide on the optimal number of clusters (K value) for the K-Means method on the given input dataset.
TIBCO Software updated on 4:55am May 14, 2021
This offering consists of a set of Mods (Custom Operators) for various image processing operations.
TIBCO Software updated on 2:41am May 13, 2021
This component enables Amazon SageMaker AutoPilot integration with TIBCO Spotfire.
TIBCO Software updated on 9:22am May 11, 2021
Among global industries, Transportation & Logistics stands to benefit the most from becoming data-driven. The agile use of organizational, public and private data is the fundamental success factor for recovering from the disruption of maintenance, operational failures, geopolitical instability  - even pandemics.    As part of this, transportation providers must gain a comprehensive view of their assets and operations in order to increase the revenue and profit potential of their investments. In addition, they need to bring a customer-centric approach to ridership and commercial logistics. This includes more reliable scheduling, faster return to timetables after disruptions, and improved digital awareness and communications.   Smart Transport Accelerator (Cloud Edition) is a 100% cloud-based solution that gives Transport & Logistics companies a fast start to solving their business challenges.    View the Smart Transport Accelerator Getting Started guide on TIBCO Community for setup instructions.
TIBCO Software updated on 7:25am May 11, 2021
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This offering consists of a custom TIBCO Data Science - Team Studio Mod that removes columns based on specified criteria
TIBCO Software updated on 2:33am Apr 27, 2021
Gain valuable 'pit to port' metrics for resource organisations in the mining & minerals sector with TIBCO's Intuitive Mining Accelerator. Use the detailed interactive analytics dashboard to transform, collaborate, and lead operations by providing insight and helping make better strategic decisions
TIBCO Software updated on 2:08am Mar 30, 2021
Actively track the lifecycle of packages through your delivery network with TIBCO's Track and Trace Accelerator. Capture announcement and observation events in real-time and apply against a decision table-based state model.
TIBCO Software updated on 10:22am Mar 25, 2021


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