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Hi all, In MS Edge, our BI Portal users cant export active ...


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Hi all,

In MS Edge, our BI Portal users cant export active reports that have more than ~1620 records (65 pages). When they clicked on the exporting option Export->XML(Excel)->All records, an blank page was opened with the URL as about:blank#blocked. However , they have no issue with the exporting for small sizes reports. Besides, we do not see the issue when running the reports in IE 11 version 11.0.245. Ive tried to run the reports in Chrome (version 94.0.4606.54) to check out the issue and the Chrome did not even allow me to export a small size report. Below is an example of the code that can trigger the issue in Edge and Chrome:














<script language="JavaScript">


{top.window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeight); }









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Hi Pku

Thanks for the info on IE11s URL. Thats not the problem I was hoping for.

Seems that youve narrowed this to a size of document issue. The about:blank is not really a problem in an of itself of course. Its just a blank browser page.

But the #blocked is interesting. I presume, by way of company policy, you might not be able to disable any web page blocker software / extensions on your PC Bet they have you locked down there.

I wonder if you have access to an admin type of person who could try this with the browser extension turned off for the request that fails Its pretty common when we download something for the browser to pop up a blank page and then separately the Excel page would open inside Excel.

We can expect Chrome and Edge to generally act the same these days. The F12 debugger might show you something interesting in network traffic.

Has Tibco support given you any leads to chase down yet

Looks like your release info is for app studio. I presume this behaves the same way for you whether youre running from AppStudio or from the resource tree in a Web Browser

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Hi Toby,

Your suggestion are certainly helpful for me to check out. I will ask an admin who could turn on/off the browser extensions to see the affect that could related to the failed requests. Besides, I will try to be on the developer mode (F12) again to see anything unusual in network traffic.

TIBCO support only advised us to upgrade to the newer version .

It behaved the same way when I tried to export the report from the source tree in a Web Browser.


Below are the issues (look like CSS issues) presented in network traffic and not sure that could stop the FEXES being exported.


cssIssues.JPG1416367 80 KB




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