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String matching

Praveen Selvam

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Hello All,

The data contains a column (Continent) which looks like the following.


Asia; Africa; Europe; America

Asia; America


America; Europe

America; Africa


and so on with all possible combinations. Having said that the unique values will be Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Report Requirement:

We have a requirement in which the aboveunique values will be prompted to users for selection in a drop-down. If, for ex "Europe" is selected, then all possible data in which Europe is present, should show in the report. Similar to LIKE keyword in SQL based on the user-selection in dropdown. Requirement says multiple selection should also be possible. If both Europe and America are selected, report should give output for all possible data in which both Europe and America (order irrelevant) should be displayed.How do we achieve this

What I tried

For the user-selection, I created a text area. In text area, I added a property control with List box (multi select) and added a new document property named "selection"with unique values so as to mimic the drop down. Then in the report section, I added a new calculated column with the following formula.

If(Find("$map("${selection}", " ")",[Continent]) > 0,[Continent])

This perfectly works if only one value is selected in the dropdown. But doesn't work for multiple selections. Any help is much appreciated.




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