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Statistica 13: how to incorporate a covariate in a repeated measure ANOVA design

Maria Razzoli

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Hello, I was once able to customize the design in the GLM panel, so that in addition to my categorical variables full interaction, I would enter my continuous variable as added factor for a covariate, but now Statistica gives me an error coded somethng like 117 and won't perform the analysis. has anybody any clue thanks in advance
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Hello, Are youusing the Repeated measures ANOVA or General Linear Models(the one at the bottom) under the GLM module If it is former, only one categorical predictor is allowed. If it is later, we would need more information from you to understand the cause, such as whether you have a saturated model and ect. Could you please open a support case here (https://support.tibco.com/s/) to get assistance from one of our support engineers
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