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How to connect SQL Server 2014 through JDBC to TDV

S Visweshwaran

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I am facing a problem of connecting SQL server 2014 with TDV but am getting an warning like this:

Warning: "The proper JDBC source has to be installed to access this data source.Copy the appropriate jar/zip to the directory "

I looked into the administration guide and placed the jar file onto the directory as mentioned but am still getting the same warning

I am not able to solve this issue.


I hope someone can help me solve this issue.


Visweshwaran S

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Hello Visweshwaran,

Did you restart your TDV server after placing the JDBC JAR file in the [TDV_Server_instal_Dir]confadapterssystemmicrosoft_sql_server_2014 folder

Here is an link from where you can download the JDBC jar file for MS SQL 2014.


Thank you.


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