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Support for Directory transfer using MFT plug in

venkata pinninti 3

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Does MFT pluin support for directory transfer I am uisng MFT plug in and using Internet transfer. The transfer is configured as directory transfer. WHile trying to invor from BW , I am getting the following error

BW-MFT-100111 Job-36000 Error in [MFT/MFT_Plugin_InternetServer_TMSQA.process/Wait for Internet Server Completion]

The received message with error in it, return code is not 0 [ Proxy returned: Transfer failed. Failed to receive file /home/novetmkctst/Outbox/. Exception: com.maverick.sftp.SftpStatusException: Server responded with an unknown failure: /home/novetmkctst/Outbox is a directory ].


IS only file trasnfer is supported Directory transfer is not supported

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