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Is it possible automl in Statistica

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According to the documentation and search that I have realized in internet, Data Science (Team Studio) has the capacity of automachine learning per installing a module or package found in Tibco Community. However, I can't find a similar package for Tibco Statistica so apparently Statistica does not supoort that funcionality. Is that right Will this capacity be developed in the future Maybe through H2O

By the way, I can't find nodes for H2O in Team Studio

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Hello, there is no auto-machine learning module in the current Statistica version. If you would like that feature in Statistica, you can submit your ideas herehttps://ideas.tibco.com/portal_session/new

However, under Statistica Interactive Module, there is a "Data Miner Recipes" that guide you through data analysis workflow using some of built-in machine learning method. A screenshot of the interactive dialog is at below:

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Another in-built AutoML within Statistica is actually using the Neural Networks. The NN functionality tries different NN models and parameters and selects the top models.

If you want to use AutoML functionality from services like H2O is should be possible to call those services from Statistica, like as is done wih the existing H2O nodes.

Team Studio also has AutoML functionality that can be called from Statisitca.

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