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tdv studio unable to connect to server

Abdul qadeer

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I am trying to login to tdv studio but after loggin in iam getting this error:

Failed to connect to http://localhost:9400/cdms/webapi; nested exception is:

java.rmi.RemoteException: HTTP transport error: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect; nested exception is:

HTTP transport error: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect [Log ID: 71a44aca-e3d9-42cc-8f36-2140b9b72378]

Version Information: Studio

this is happening with me frequently I have tried every troubleshooting possible.sometimes those things worked but this time nothing is working,its constanty raising this error.

Can anyone please help me with this and point out this core issue for this problem


Abdul Qadeer.

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Hi Pavan,


I haven't tried that using ip address but yeah their is windows defender firewall for sure.I dont know which thing is blocking the port.sometimes the studio get easily connected,sometimes in 2-3 attempts and sometimes it never get connected to the server even if we restart the server and restart the system as well.




Abdul Qadeer

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Hello Abdul,


Please try using the IP address to connect to the server. Also, please check the logs for the TDV Studio and TDV server to understand more about the error message.

Path for Server logs: [TDV_Server_Install_Dir]/logs/cs_server.log

Path for Studio logs: [TDV_Studio_Install_Dir]/logs/cs_studio.log

Potential reasons for this issue as it seems intermittent could be the below:

- there are any potential threads slowing TDV to a state of non-responsiveness to the connection requests from Studio


- TDV is not responding because memory usage is too high


Thank you.


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Hi Chandrika,


can you give more specification about configuring with IP address.because I have tried using the ip address in server field of studio and i have also tried with desktop name still its not working you can see the attachment.please can you check the attachment and give me the details as per the fields.




Abdul Qadeer.annotation_2020-04-29_222223.png

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