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Minimizing OR whitening row axis column/s in a Cross Table

Roy R

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I have a report with a cross table, grouping sales data by brands. The report is in Hebrew, in which the table columns are read from right to left. So I need the Brand column to be the first to the right and not to appear as the first to the left. My work-around was minimizing the width of the Brand column as much as I can, and add a last column (e.g. first to the right) with max(brand) as the brand column.

It still doesn't look good, so the options I can think of would be:

- Changing the "group-by" columns (rows axis) color to white, so they would not be visible.

- Narrowing the width of the column to 0.

Please help me if you know a way to do at least one of the 2 options.

Any help will be muchappreciated!

Thanks, Roy.

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