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MFT Transfer configuration for z/OS, problem with prefixes

Martin Bertrand 2

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Greetings, I am trying to configure an MFT transfert to - and from - a z/OS system.

The client's requirement is:


Be able to download files under DEV.

Upload files under DEV.


The complete filename is something like DEV.TATA.TOTO.somethingINDEX where INDEX is a two digits number. Ex. DEV.TATA.TOTO.something01, DEV.TATA.TOTO.something02, ...


The only way I was able to get the download to work was to setup 1 ruleper file.


transfert1: Virtual alias: /zos/DEV.TATA.TOTO.something01, server file name:DEV.TATA.TOTO.something01

transfert2:Virtual alias: /zos/DEV.TATA.TOTO.something02, server file name:DEV.TATA.TOTO.something02



To perform the download, I: connect via sftp, cd /zos, getDEV.TATA.TOTO.something02

Which does not make sense to me, I hope there is a better way to do that. But every combination of virtual alias and server file name has failed, besides that one. I realize that z/OS prefixes are not like directories on Unix, but on Unix I do not have to specify all filenames. I can create my rule so that the client can download all files under a certain directory. Can it be done with prefixes


Again the same issue. I thought maybe Virtual alias: /zos/DEV. server file name: DEV.#(NOHDIR) could work, but it does not.

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