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XML file integration - How to deal with failures

Giovanni Vetere

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Hello. I have a process that polls for an XML file and, if found, uploads data into CRM. This is still in testing mode but when live alot of files will arrive all of the time.

I have it set to check for the file every 10 seconds. Itworksfine - if it findsa file great; however if theres an issue reading the xml file for example, the process fails but retrys every 10 seconds as I have changed the retry option to Schedhuled. I have also used the Archive cmd to move any files after being read.

The issue is, how to deal with XML files that fail to be read.I want to be able to automatically move any failed files to a seperate folder becasue as you can see it keeps trying to read the same file oer and over, how can i do this

Also I would like to setup an alert that emails out once a day with a list of XMLfiles that have failed to read.



many thanks!

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