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Subscribe to Log Streams from WebSocketServer URL in Mashery

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Hi idv_1993;

I had used this Mashery interface recently. There are many ways to read that stream of log using any code, but I did that very quickly using TIBCO Flogo Enterprise, which is very appropriate to build edge computing or event-driven serverless applications. In order to start, there are two options:


TIBCO Cloud Integration (https://cloud.tibco.com/), you will see TCI / Flogo.

Project Flogo (open source initiative) and download docker container athttp://www.flogo.io/#get-started


In both options, you will take the same approach in terms of flow development.

Basically, you will install the "Mashery ECLS Trigger" in your Flogo workspace, which you will get from here:


or directly from the github:https://github.com/mmussett/flogo-components/tree/master/trigger/ecls

This customized Mashery ECLS Trigger handles exactly the same fields as provided by the Mashery documentation at:http://docs.mashery.com/analyze/GUID-F1EF9804-4BD3-4C24-B72D-63B5CE766D3F.html

As you can see the Flogo community had built a customized websocket trigger for Mashery ECLS interface. So any time there occurs an API transaction in Mashery, the ECLS interface will send a log stream to Flogo in JSON format.

And the most simple Flogo flow would be comprised of a two pieces:

Mashery ECLS Trigger --> Log Message Activity

You will have to map the data fieldsfrom the trigger to the log activity (map output to input).

Hope this helps you start your project.

Best regards.

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