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TDV getting data from SQL server XML field

Merijn Manders

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Our ESB stores xml encoded messages in a SQL server 2014 table.

Each record in the table contains 1 message (over 5000 messages in total)

The table contains some metadata columns and an XML Type column in which the message (in xml) itself is stored.

The xml in each message contains a message id, message received date/time and message subject.

In TDV we would like to expose this data from the xml in a table like format with those colums (id, date, subject).

However I don't know how you would do that, because the xml is stored in a database and not on a file share in separate xml files.

Any ideas


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Look at the TDV XML functions available to parse out the elements, attributes from the DB column.

For more information on the 'TDV Supported XML Functions ',refer to the 'TIBCOData Virtualization Reference Guide'.

Here is the link to access the documentation:


You can also find that in your TDV_Install_Directory/Docs folder.



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