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DBLOOKUP2 when no record exists

Glenn Sullivan

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I have a job processing messages from the message queue from the Dynamics GP MOP1210 table. What I want to do is only process records that have a value in the BINNMBR field of IV00102 for the specific site RLIT.

I figured, no problem, create step logic with DBLOOKUP2:





The logic being that, if there item at hand is not assigned to the RLIT site, the DBLOOKUP2 will return a #Null, the ISERROR will return a TRUE and the step will be skipped.

BUT, later on in the data formulas, I use that EXACT same DBLOOKUP command to pull that BINNMBR field and drop it into a SQL table field:


I FREQUENTLY get failures, and the failure is during the insert of that row, with an error that the destination field does not accept NULLS! If that DBLOOKUP2 command returned a NULL, why did the step even process

I am very confused... and it is real hard to troubleshoot this, as it is reliant on messages coming through the message queue from the publisher...

Thanks in advance!

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