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Need TIBCO.EMS.dll in version version 5.0 or 6.1 to use ssl encryption

Alex Voigt

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were using the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Adapter on a Biztalk 2013 R2 Enterprise environment (on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OS).

Now our customer wants to use the SSL encryption feature and we need the version 5.0 or 6.1 of the TIBCO.EMS.dll in 32bit-mode to use it. The Setup routine installed a version lower than 4.3 of the TIBCO.EMS.dll.

On the Tibco webpage I can only download a actual version, which ist not compatible with our BizTalk environment. Where can I get theversion 5.0 or 6.1 of the TIBCO.EMS.dll in 32bit-mode

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best Regards,


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