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How to keep a track of datasets/data tables being used in different projects


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I have recently started working on the TDV(8.2) and I have already lost a track of which table is being used where!

Just to explain you further, lets just say Ihave a table T which is being used in projects P1, P2, P3 and P4. Now, if I make any changes in my table T1, Ineed to know which all different projects that will affect.

Is there a way or any tool that Ican use to keep a track of this I may have used the example ofonly 4 projects but in reality one table is being used in more than 100 projects.

Thank you in advance for your help.



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Hello KD,

There are a couple of ways to view the dependant resources:

1. Lineage:

Open the view in Studio, and click the Open Lineage Panel button. The dependency tree will be displayed. For example, let us say that the name of the view is MyView, and that the dependency tree shows the view to be dependent on 5 other views, as shown below.

datasource --> viewA --> viewD --> MyView

viewB --> viewE


Working right-to-left, open each of the five views in turn by right-clicking on it

2. TDV Admin APIs:


/services/webservices/system/admin/resource/operations/getDependentResources -Get all of the resources that depend on the given resource. A resource depends on this resource if it makes use of this resource.

/services/webservices/system/admin/resource/operations/getUsedResources -Get all of the resources the given resource depends on.

/services/webservices/system/admin/resource/operations/getChildResources -Get all the immediate child resources of a resource. Only CONTAINER and DATA_SOURCE resources will

have child resources. All other resource types will return an empty list.


More information about the TDV Admin APIs, can be found in the 'API Guide':




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