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Variable from a cell in data table

Roman Lyakhovetsky

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Hi Everyone,

I did a search in the forums and did not find the answer to my topic so far, apologies if this was previously discussed already.

Can I assign a variable name to a cell in data table for it to be used in custom expression for other data table

Thank you very much in advance,

With kind regards,


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The only way I have found to do this is add the column using the "insert column" feature, and pull from the other datatable. I have done the following:

Table 1

Table 2

Create Transformation on Table 1 (add new customized Column)

Insert Column on Table 2 (select the tranformed column to pull over)

This will add the column to the new data table to use as you like.

The other thing you can do depending on your use case is in a cross table you can reference other datatables if you have the column matches set and showing.



If you use column matches the details on demand will not show the 2nd Data Tables columns, so you would need to set up a table visualization if you wanted to be able to drill down to the Details.

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