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Timeout config for HTTP Connector in TIBCO BW6.6

sandeep J

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Hi, I am using HTTP Connector for my component and I couldn't see any timeout config to configure timeout value if the response of the END system takes more than 15 secs.

Can anyone help me to share the config details on how to set the timeout value for HTTP COnnector in BW6, please check the configuration details for the HTTP Connector in the attached screenshot




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If you are trying to call an end system over http from your process, Did you checkout the "HTTP Client" resource.

Here is the link to the shared resource in the documentation.Timeout fields are in the Advanced section.


But keep in mind, multiple activities can be configured with the same HTTP Client connection resource, but there may be a requirement to have different timeouts for each activity. So you will need to make the changes in the activity rather than the HTTP client connection resource.


If you are hosting a service and using "HTTP Connector" resource, use the "session timeout " in the advanced section.


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I am hosting service so I am using the "HTTP Connector" resource and I have tested service changing "session timeout " value which is 1800 as default and I kept it as 1 sec but it is not timing out for the request.


So I am thinking session time out is for a different purpose than connection time out.

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