Data Preparation Quick Start Template for TIBCO Statistica®

This is TIBCO Statistica® template guiding users through the process of data preparation steps. It is meant to be a quick start template allowing users to build their own data preparation process quicker. User will go through the workflow, set, connect and use various nodes in a sequence in order to prepare and clean the data for further analyses.

Compatible Products

TIBCO® Data Science


TIBCO Software

Supported Versions

TIBCO Statistica® 13.3, 13.4, 13.5


TIBCO Component Exchange License


Data preparation is one of the most important and time consuming tasks in the process of the data analysis. This quick start workflow will help user define data cleaning and data preparation steps quicker and not from scratch. Also it can be really useful for new TIBCO Statistica users.

Unfortunately, there is no universal set of steps or even settings of these steps to have totally automatical data cleaning and data preparation process for different usecases. User can go node by node and set nodes according to data available and tasks needed. User can learn from settings and descriptions of functionalities on example data set.

Data cleaning steps includes

  • handling outliers
  • handling missing data in various ways
  • invariance check

After data cleaning, user might want to define, recompute or create new variables. This can be done using various built-in data transformations, categorical variables recoding, etc.

Template shows usage of most important and most frequently used functionalities in data preparation process.




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