Variable Importance Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire® using TIBCO® Data Science - Workbench

This is example of the data function for TIBCO Spotfire® built in TIBCO® Data Science - Workbench (formerly known as Statistica). The purpose of this example is to help users in building Statistica data functions.

Compatible Products

TIBCO Spotfire® TIBCO® Data Science


TIBCO Software

Supported Versions

For using in Spotfire Analyst:

  • TIBCO® Data Science 1.2 or TIBCO Statistica® 13.5
  • TIBCO® Data Science for TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst 13.6
  • TIBCO Spotfire® Server® 10.4.0 and above

For Spotfire Consumer usage:

  • TIBCO® Data Science 1.2 or TIBCO Statistica® 13.5
  • TIBCO® Data Science for TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst 13.6
  • TIBCO® Data Science Service for TIBCO Spotfire® 13.6
  • TIBCO Spotfire® Server® 10.4.0 and above


TIBCO Component Exchange License


This is example dxp where Statistica data function is used in order to identify the best predictors for classification task. Together with that some basic data cleaning is applied inside the data function before actual best predictors evaluation. Variable importance is computed on interactively selected subset of the data with the possibility to define variables coming to analysis from dropdowns. More info about Statistica data functions here.

For construction of the data function the no-code environment of TIBCO Data Science - Workbench visual workflows is used (if you are not familiar with Statistica workspaces, please visit this wiki page).

What this example is showing:

  • Example of more steps computation inside the data function (data cleaning and variable importance)
  • Example of one Input and one Output data function  with parametrization involved
  • Example of variable names  parametrization
  • Example of on-demand triggering data function computed on subset of data defined by marking

Feature highlights: Parameterization of variable selection.

If you are intersted in building the Statistica data functions, please find additional examples here


Initial Release (version 1.0.0)

Published: December 2019

This release includes TIBCO Data Science - Workbench (Statistica) Workspace used for building the data function as well as dxp where this data function is applied.

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