Voronoi Polygons for TIBCO Spotfire®

This Data Function generates Voronoi polygons forming a tessellation that covers study region. Polygons can be used as a feature layer on a map chart.

Compatible Products

TIBCO Spotfire®


TIBCO Software

Compatible Versions

Spotfire 10.x

TERR 4.5.0


TIBCO Component Exchange License


From input point locations, create Voronoi polygons for Spotfire map visualization. Can produce one Voronoi polygon per input point, or polygons that summarize multiple points. Resulting polygons form a tessellation that covers a study region.

Outline is determined either by convex hull or by optional separate boundary. Coordinates can be specified either as Cartesian (x, y) or Geographic (Longitude, Latitude). Result is an object that can be dragged directly from Spotfire data panel onto a map visualization.

License Details





Spotfire platform release v1.0

Published: March 2019

Initial release. Instructions for usage of data function and dxp examples are included in downloadable file.

Reviews (2)
Neil Kanungo 5:01pm 04/17/2019

This is awesome! At first it was taking a long time to compute for me (I have a lot of map points) but then I realized you included 'ReductionFactor' and 'Nclusters' as input parameters where I can reduce the number of points used or specifically control cluster count. Once I played with this, the Data Function worked like a charm! Thanks for creating this.

One minor request: on the next version can you include the ability to remove the polygons when I de-select points on my map? Similar to the Contour Plot Data Function. I am using these Data Functions with the "Limit by Marking" feature and when I unmark points, I'd like the polygons to be removed (currently get an error).

PJ Evrard 1:08am 04/03/2019

Amazing geoanalytic capability combined with the power of Spotfire !

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