TIBCO® Live Datamart

Empower stakeholders to act on critical business moments with the industry’s first live data mart for Fast Data.

Real-time control and command center

Self-service interaction with live data. Control visualizations and receive real-time alerts on risks and opportunities.

Ultra fast, continuous querying

Real-time computations against high-speed streaming data. Continuous live results every millisecond.

IoT ready

OSI Pi and MQTT ready. Consume massive streams of data in motion via sensors, GPS, and other connected devices


TIBCO® Live Datamart

Published: March 2016

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Mark Palmer 4:31pm 03/26/2016

Well, I'm biased, so I might as well write the first review :)  I was the CEO of StreamBase when we were still private and we engaged with one of the largest investment banks in the world to create the first version of the Live Datamart. CTO Richard Tibbetts lead the engineering team in creating the core "special sauce" of LDM - the Continuous Query Processor. The idea of LDM was to push queries into the stream so it can be continuously evaluated against every event in the stream - result sets are continuously pushed to the client for a continuous real-time view of whatever question you ask of the stream. Since being acquired by TIBCO, the Live Datamart has grown dramatically both on Wall Street, but also on "Main Street" companies: in retail to monitor real-time transactions in the store to optimize loyalty programs, in airlines to monitor operations, in many industries to monitor fraud in real-time, in oil & gas companies to continuously monitor oil wells for predictive maintainence. The list goes on and on. If you're interested in the awesome continuous query processor in some depth, check out this blog post I wrote recently on the TIBCO blog. Enjoy the TIBCO Live Datamart!

TIBCO Live DataMart Platform

This wiki provides a location for the TIBCO® Live Datamart community to read and share how-to information with one another.


TIBCO® Live Datamart is the industry's first live data mart developed for business stakeholders to extract more value from Fast Data. It performs real-time computations against high-speed streaming data and events, returning results in just milliseconds, allowing your real-time analytics to leap to the next level.

With easy-to-use visualizations, and self-service features to interact with live data, business users can analyze, anticipate, and receive alerts on key events as they occur. Operational staff can act on opportunities and threats on-the-fly while they matter. These powerful capabilities help organizations in virtually any industry transform to digital business.

The TIBCO Live Datamart platform consists of:

and connectivity with more than 80 integration points.

In addition to the Desktop and Web clients, you can create your own custom client by using the LiveView JavaScript API set.  Read our best practices guide to help you along that path or watch a video with our LiveView Principal Engineer and Architect as he walks through the use of the LiveView JavaScript API set.


Unsure of what Live Datamart can offer you?  See the attached datasheet and explore these pages. If you want to understand the difference between Live Datamart and a classical Data Warehouse / Datamart, take a look at this video recording.


Join the community of developers using and talking about each of these via either the answers or the wiki pages.


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