TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM coordinates a digital business' process, people, context, and actions for better business outcomes.

Spend less time building your processes and more time using them

Intuitive drag-and-drop modeler, no manual coding, quick configuration of the most common business patterns, auto-generated user forms

Manage your full range of processes in a single solution

Traditional processes and workflows, dynamic processes, adaptive case management and contextual processes, low code process-based apps, event-driven processes, and predictive operations

Manage your operating resources independently from your processes

Model how work flows through your organization with ActiveMatrix® BPM's organizational model. Move or change your available resources without affecting live processes and have changes applied in real time.

Reviews (2)
Natalie-1 11:34am 07/22/2016

Great product, found no issues thus far. 

Andres Leon Rangel 8:31pm 07/14/2016

I have used BPM from other vendors. One IBM and Bizagi. Is hard to give a quick review but in the first part I will mention the pros:


stable platform

easy to integrate with TIBCO AMx framework

applies many BPM patterns



documentation is not clear many times

JRE 8 not from TIBCO but recommended by TIBCO

TIBCO Business studio uses only JRE7, what about hte recommendation to upgrade to 8 and then TIBCO business studio crashes down?

project deployments, We have to pray before we even try to do one!!

TIBCO AMX Admin slow refreshing mode even with latest HOT FIX

Hotfixes are quite a pain to install and verify later on.

documentation from readme.txt and installation instructions can be misleading respect to specific cpmpatibility between Databases

are you going to release a new product every two months??

That is it for now

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This Wiki provides a location for the TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM community to share how-to information with one another. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

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Latest News

  • The Case Management Accelerator has been released on Component Exchange.

    Be sure to check it out - with this accelerator you can create your first Case Management App in minutes
  • Latest Hotfixes always available via TIBCO Support Website.
    • latest TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.3. 
    • come along with  TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Grid 3.4. 

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