TIBCO Cloud™ Events

TIBCO Cloud™ Events is a cloud based solution for building reactive applications that enable contextual decisions in real-time.

Reduce Latency and Act in Real-time

Improve business outcomes by identify events of interest within real-time data pipelines as well as master, reference, and historical data.

Simplified Rule Definition

Leverage declarative rules to simplify your processing. No need to have to explicitly define relationships between various data sources. TIBCO Cloud Events takes care of correlating events across hetrogenious data sources to determine the next best action.

Tailored for Cloud

A cloud-native design, including elastic scaling, reduces the complexity of infrastructure management allowing you to get up and running quickly. The seamless integration with other TIBCO Cloud capabilities provides a wide range of options to ingest data from any endpoint, process and automate action.


TIBCO Cloud™ Events

Published: November 2018

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