TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

TIBCO® Cloud Integration is a cloud based subscription that offers easy startup, quick results and codeless development

Connect Your Business to the Cloud

Integrate with any cloud application or data source. Go with a hybrid integration approach, or pure cloud based solution. It’s your choice.

Build an API in Minutes

Use an existing API, or create a new one. Combine multiple API’s into composable integration flows. Unlock the power of your data.

Manage Your APIs

Control access to your APIs in a secure way. Ensure operational controls for API’s are in place to eliminate disruptions and mitigate performance issues before they occur.

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Don Johnson 10:32am 09/26/2016

TIBCO is leading the way in next-generation cloud implementations.  TIBCO® Cloud Integration is a huge leap into the future of the cloud.

TIBCO® Cloud Integration Community Wiki

We know all beginnings are difficult, but we've got your back!

What can I do?

Where can I start?

Where can I find help?

With TIBCO Cloud Integration you can do many things! It all depends on what you want:

To get started with TIBCO Cloud Integration you can do a few things:

We know all this new information can be a bit overwhelming but we're ready to help!

How to Video Library

A series of How-To videos are available for viewing on our YouTube channel

How to Model Your API

Publishing Your API

Connecting to Marketo using TIBCO Cloud Integration

Connecting to SugarCRM Using TIBCO Cloud Integration

Connecting to Salesforce using TIBCO Cloud Integration

Connecting to Marketo using TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition

Building Node.js Apps in TIBCO Cloud Integration

Using TIBCO Cloud Integration Sandboxes

Connecting to Salesforce using TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition

Getting and Updating Plug-ins in TIBCO Business Studio - Cloud Edition

Streaming your applications logs  

Bi-Weekly Live Demos

Still have questions?  Join one our bi-weekly live demos.  In the live demo, we will cover the most common functionality people use in TIBCO Cloud Integration and take live questions.  It's a great place to see TIBCO Cloud Integration in action and get your burning questions answered!

Sign up here: http://tibco.cm/TCIbiweekly

Product Overview

  • Integrate to the Cloud - Connect to any Cloud application or data source, including SaaS applications, Social sites, IoT networks, or any data stored in the cloud. Use our packaged connectors, or create your own custom APIs and integrations.
  • Integrate in the Cloud - Develop and test your integrations in the cloud. Rapid onboarding and easy access to tooling keeps your integration team in lockstep with your Agile develop teams.
  • Use a Hybrid Approach - Cloud integration provides a great option for companies who want to minimize their on-premise software investment, or who want the flexibility to mix cloud and on-premise deployments.

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