TIBCO Nimbus™

TIBCO Nimbus™ is a business application for process documentation.

Document Your Full End-to-End Process

TIBCO Nimbus is designed to document your entire process from the business user’s perspective and highlight gaps, redundancies, or inefficiencies.

Easy to Understand

By presenting an easy-to-understand notation of how people, processes, and systems should interact, it simplifies communication around processes and improves how businesses operate.

A How-To Guide for Your Enterprise

Storyboards walk users through a job-related activity or use case, and can be presented in a personalized dashboard to make finding how to perform any task simple and intuitive.

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lhirsch 8:32am 05/11/2016

Great replacement for Visio! I'm a long-time user who has gotten frustrated with Visio's shortcomings. Few employees were willing to work with it, and even fewer were able to use the process maps we created. Since deploying Nimbus, I've gotten most of my staff involved in either creating process maps, or using the maps we've made. It's quite easy/intuitive to use.

We're in the process of mapping out our business's process cycle times and costs, and I'm very optimistic moving forward with Nimbus.

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