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Published: December 2017

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Reviews (4)
Joerg Grote 1:17am 02/01/2017

What I really like on simplr is the fact that it is running in the Cloud, and not just on Mobile Device like IFTTT, with this in mind simplr is a perfect extension for e.g. IFTTT and others.

Another great Key feature of simplr is that it allows you to build longer flows e.g. enter a Opportunity into a Form, create Opportunity in SFDC, insert a record into a Google Sheet, send Name to SLACK, send an email, etc. (not just If this then that ;-)

Hope to see more Connectors coming from the Product, and Community soon!

kovi_made 3:15am 06/27/2016

I really like this software

khatch 3:04pm 02/03/2016

Simplr makes my job so much easier - everyone should be using it!

John Yu 12:31pm 01/15/2016

This is a fantastic product!!

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