TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science

Accelerate your data science initiatives with a collaborative analytic workflow builder that allows you to transform data within Hadoop and other big data environments into insight.

Empower Citizen Data Scientists

Leverage the entire team, not just a few data scientists.

Simplify Big Data Analytics

Web-based interface with code-free operators, plus leverage native data prep and analytic computations within Hadoop and other databases.

Faster Visual Insights from Hadoop

Get from data to visual insights faster. Increase speed and efficiency of data prep and enable self-service analytics.



Published: February 2018

TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science

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TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science Community Wiki


TIBCO Spotfire Data Science is an enterprise analytics platform that allows data scientists and business users to collaborate on advanced analytics using massively scalable in-database and in-cluster processing. Data Scientists, Analysts and Data Engineers build machine learning workflows with a minimum of code, while still leveraging the power of Big Data platforms. The collaboration interface then allows the analytics team to share insights and data with the rest of the organization, driving action for the business.

Getting Started

The Basics

Using Spotfire Data Science — an overview of the main functional components of the platform.

Tricks of the Trade — a list of ideas to make your work sessions more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions - get quick answers.

Glossary — a list of words and phrases from Spotfire® Data Science.

Workflow Operators — a complete list of ETL, Statistical and ML Operators.

Video Guides


Vertical Playbooks

Vertical Playbooks are collections of workflow templates, operators, and sample data that address specific, common use cases. Use these as the basis of new project workspaces in Spotfire Data Science.

Extensibility Framework

Spotfire Data Science provides an open framework that allows customers to take either existing code or new code they have developed internally, and add that as a Custom Operator within the Spotfire Data Science Analytics Engine.

Spotfire Data Science in the News


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