Accelerate your data science initiatives with a collaborative analytic workflow builder that allows you to transform data within Hadoop and other big data environments into insight.
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TIBCO® Messaging - Eclipse Mosquitto Distribution extends TIBCO Messaging to support the MQTT protocol. MQTT is emerging as the de facto standard for IoT device interoperability and now these devices can communicate directly with any backend system using TIBCO Messaging.  
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TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging provides developers with simple to use client SDKs for building real-time pub/sub messaging for mobile, web and stand-alone applications.
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Build your fast data applications in real time with TIBCO StreamBase.
Last Updated on 2:28pm Oct 11, 2018 by TIBCO Software Inc.
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TIBCO® Cloud Integration is a cloud based subscription that offers easy startup, quick results and codeless development
Last Updated on 10:21am Oct 11, 2018 by TIBCO Software Inc.
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Ultralight Open Source Framework for IoT Apps & Integration
Last Updated on 2:26pm Oct 11, 2018 by TIBCO Software Inc.
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TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® enables teams to Define, Simplify, Share, and Change their processes in minutes.
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TIBCO tibbr is an enterprise collaboration solution that provides a 360-degree view of people, discussions, tasks, and content via mobile, intranet, web, and apps.
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TIBCO’s suite of Managed File Transfer solutions extends the reach from the world of real-time messaging through to batch file transfer. Exchange files quickly, securely, and cost-effectively across all major platforms and geographical boundaries. Built on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), TIBCO® Managed File Transfer makes it easy to integrate with any application, process, or third-party system. Automation and integration capabilities also support: Accelerated file transfer  Business-to-Business Application-to-Application Ad Hoc exchanges among users
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TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows organizations to quickly build event-driven rules systems that intelligently process streams of events at the speed they are generated - supporting realtime decision making, automation, and proactive responses.
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