TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization and analytics software helps you quickly uncover insights for better decision-making.
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TIBCO Hawk® is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise.
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The TIBCO iProcess Engine provides the run-time execution environment for business processes developed using TIBCO Business Studio™, TIBCO iProcess® Workspace and other TIBCO iProcess Suite® components.
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TIBCO Data Virtualization is an enterprise data virtualization solution that curates access to multiple and varied data sources and creates standard, federated views ― the data foundation for nearly any analytics solution. Address growing data needs with maturing analytic ecosystems. Provide immediate access to broader datasets helping to develop actionable insights executable in real time. Empower users to easily search and select from a self-service directory of virtualized business data, then use preferred analytics tools to obtain results. 5‒10X faster time-to-solution than traditional database ETL allows rapid adaptation to change with the analytic application stack of choice.
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TIBCO® MDM consolidates, cleanses, and unifies disparate data sources to create a centralized warehouse of accurate intelligence.
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TIBCO® Clarity is a data preparation tool that offers you on-demand software services from the web in the form of Software-as-a-Service. You can use TIBCO Clarity to discover, profile, cleanse, and standardize raw data collected from disparate sources, and provide good quality data for accurate analysis and intelligent decision-making.
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TIBCO Enterprise Message Service is a standards-based enterprise messaging platform that brings together different IT assets and communications technologies on a common real-time backbone and manages the  flow of information. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service reduces cost, complexity and the time required to integrate disparate systems by providing native support for multiple message protocols and technologies.
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Mashery's API management platform helps some of the most innovative and successful brands deliver on their digital initiatives and extend their API reach.
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TIBCO® Messaging - Apache Kafka Distribution is a commercially supported version of Apache Kafka®, the well-known distributed streaming platform for building real-time streaming pipelines and applications.
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TIBCO ActiveSpaces® software is a distributed in-memory data grid product. ActiveSpaces features familiar database concepts, high I/O capacity, and network scalability.
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