TIBCO FTL® is a robust, high-performance messaging platform for real-time, high-throughput data distribution to virtually any device. Optimized to leverage the latest advancements in hardware, networking and web technologies, TIBCO FTL can handle higher message throughput with lower latencies – and a greater number of concurrent connections – than other messaging products. All of this is delivered with a peer-to-peer architecture and API libraries that run on commodity, general purpose systems with no specialized hardware devices required.
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TIBCO® Reward integrates all marketing point solutions and tackles the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of customer data in an easy-to-use SaaS loyalty management platform.
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TIBCO Cloud™ Events is a cloud based solution for building reactive applications that enable contextual decisions in real-time.
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Open Source Event-Driven Microgateway
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TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe is the easiest, most secure way to implement and analyze audit trails in the cloud.
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